www.tribalwar.com The Funkmaster Supreme and our favourite Qowner run this community site. Good stuff. Oh, they also host us, which makes them even better. :-)
www.tribesplayers.com Dynamix' tribes site - news and community site
www.planettribes.com PlanetStarSiege - news site
www.newgrounds.com Newgrounds. The problems of the future, today. Recommended for mature surfers. Hosts Assassins, Pico etc. :-)
www.somethingawful.com Something Awful - reviewing awful games and movies, many good articles. Host the likes of Jeff K and Cranky Steve. Also recommended for mature surfers.
www.portalofevil.com The Portal of Evil. Mature surfers.
www.kelani.com/aol America Offline. Kelani's infamous calls to AOL tech support. You *have* to check out the calls. :)
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