NOPE's Mission Statement

We are a group of mature, teamplay-oriented Tribes players who enjoy overcoming challenges through tactics, discipline and (sometimes) brute force.

More importantly, though, NOPE is a community. We seek to have members who are not only good players, but can over time become good friends.

Potential Members

Amongst our ranks we will only accept serious players with the will to succeed. Whiners, braggarts and cheaters will not be tolerated, nor do we look highly upon people who wish to join simply for the sake of being on an established, high-ranking team. We do not have pretentions to greatness, and neither should you if you wish to become a member. At all times, members are expected to be courteous and helpful to others.

Players who wish to try out for NOPE may "apply" by sending an email to In it, they should offer:

  • Names played under
  • Previous Tribal experience
  • Positions played
  • Connection
  • Availability
  • Any other information that the applicant thinks useful

While this helps us to keep track of applicants, it is expected that applicants attend our channel and ask for consideration in person. NOPE's IRC channel is #N, on Leaders will tell the applicant whether NOPE is currently accepting new members, and schedule a tryout if necessary.

Probationary Members

An applicant who is judged to be worthy of probationary status will be invited to join the Tribe as a probie. If he accepts, the probationary member may wear either a nope\ or an [n] prefix on their names (NOPE members use either nope| or [N], depending on preference and name length).

The probationary period lasts for three weeks. During this time, the probie is expected to play with other members so that they can learn more about the potential candidate. A player who receives probie status, disappears for three weeks, then returns and expects full membership will not receive it.

Tribe members will vote on a probationary member at the end of the trial period. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the applicant to show good conduct, to play with as many players as possible, and to play well.

Probationary members may be expected to play in matches in order to observe their conduct and capabilities in combat.

Note: NOPE reserves the right to cancel probationary periods at any time. Possible causes for cancellation would be:

  • Immaturity
  • Discourtesy to other members/players
  • Poor behavior on public servers
  • Consistently poor performance
  • Withholding information which may reflect negatively on the applicant

In all cases, we will make efforts to warn probationary members when they are acting in ways which violate the guidelines above.

NOPE also reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant who completes the probationary period. There might be several situations where this situation could come up, but if we feel this is happening we will attempt to let the applicant know as early in the process as possible.

Member Conduct

Members are expected to follow the same conduct guidelines as probationary members--that is, they should be polite, helpful, and courteous to other players and generally present a positive image of the tribe.

Keep in mind that should is the operative term. We cannot vouch for the behavior of all of our members 100% of the time. If someone is having a bad day and yells at a player on a pub, that would be minor compared to, say, taking over a public server or an IRC channel and booting everyone off of it. If a member is observed doing something that reflects seriously and negatively upon Tribe NOPE as a whole, then it should be brought to the attention of the Tribe leadership by dropping mail describing the incident to


Practices are generally scheduled Sundays at 8EST. It is expected that Tribe members attend this practice, or give prior notice why they cannot.

Currently, practices are also scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8EST. However, attendance is lower for these due to classes, work, et cetera. Members are encouraged to play and practice together at these times, or whenever they feel the urge to practice. There may also be practices scheduled before matches. These will be announced on the Web site.

Match Conduct

There are several things that should be standard for match situations.

  • Always wish the other team 'good luck'.
  • Always say 'good game' afterwards, win or lose.
  • Do not spam the global chat.
  • Do not spam the team chat.
  • Listen to the orders of the leaders in battle.
  • Play to the best of your ability.
  • Ask for help if you need it.

Matches can sometimes get heated--strive to avoid getting angry at your teammates or the other side. This is just a game, after all; though we play to win, it is more important to play to have fun. If any disputes arise, either before, during, or after a match, let the person in charge speak. While it may be tempting to defend our teammates, it is easier for everyone if the discussion remains between leaders.