How to join NOPE

We're currently looking for players for competetive play within the EU. You need not be an expert, neither need you be the most skilled player under the sun. As long as you're happy with our policy we probably have a position for you.

A few words on our history: NOPE was founded May 15th, 1999. We ceased playing competetively after about a year (officially on May 24th, 2000). Here's our goodbye message from that time (posted by TuxKamen) which in my opinion says everything that needs to be said about us:

(Original post 5/24/2000)

Well, it's been a fun ride. Especially waiting until the Web page was able to accept a news post this big. :)

You may have noticed in the news that we've been having attendance problems in our last few matches.

In reality, it's been going on for much longer than that--months, actually--and we've had a very long string of inactive players. It happens. Games are games, and we don't expect people to play Tribes forever (though it would be nice. :p) So other games have been eating away at our active membership.

Boredom is another factor. The year-plus of competition on the OGL ladder has turned just about everyone, myself included, off to CTF. The balanced maps are fun, but still the same old. I was hoping that the composite ladder and the VIP tournament would get people's interest back, and it did, but when it takes seven months of pushing to get the comp ladder back...

While I could try to recruit other players, I just feel that it wouldn't be worth the effort at this point. That's not meant as a slight to the talent of the applicants--it's merely that we would need so many that it wouldn't look like our 'team' any more. NOPE is a closely-knit group of players, and our absurdly-long probie periods are meant to bring players together as friends as well as teammates. Having so many probies (probably at least 8) would completely change our Tribe, and as the acting leader I don't want that to happen. When Tribes 2 rolls around, I foresee most of our core team coming back to play, and I would like to build from there, not from two half-teams that don't know each other.

So, last week we decided to remove ourselves from competitive play for the foreseeable future. We left the OGL CTF ladder with a final record of 23/19 (I think). We've been as high as #6 on OGL CTF, #1 on the old composite ladder (and the new one, though we never got around to playing our match--good luck, TF), #1 on the D&D ladder, and #6 or #7 in the composite league. Not a bad run for a bunch of guys.

I'd like to thank, in no particular order:

  • Dynamix - Enough said.

  • Our opponents - Take a look at our Battles page. We've played over 80 matches on just about every map on the Tribes CD. Almost without exception, all of our opponents have been great sports and great players. It's good to see that Tribes has fostered such an excellent community.

  • OGL - For the best damn five-day-a-week ladder in existence. :p Joking aside, though, they're the ones who set the mark for competitive Tribes play, and all of us teams owe a great debt to them.

  • Strategic Alliance - For distancing yourself from that welch Voodoo. :D For the record, he still hasn't admitted that he can't give the contest winners their servers. Wish he would...

  • Hurricane - Words don't need to be said--he's our leader-man, the Supermonkey, the guy who wakes up at 4am to play matches with us (well, one of them, but he's the leader), a great player, and a great guy. All this you see before you is his.

  • Me - Because I've already spent an hour writing this, and a week waiting to post it. :)

  • ...and all our players - And I do mean all of them. Everyone with us now, everyone who started with us, everyone who's come and gone--all of you have left your mark on us. (Interpret that how you will. :D) You're all fantastic, and I've appreciated playing with you over the course of this game. Good luck.

...that's about all I have to say. We're all free now, for people who may want some of our guys. I'm free too, but nobody wants me. :p People are still asking to join us, even though we aren't competing any more--I'll decide what to do about that shortly. Maybe make NOPE a guild? We'll see...




Well, it looks like most of the US people are playing in other tribes (or not at all anymore). I can't put in the nightly hours in order to help rebuild the US faction, so I'm looking for european players willing to be part of the NOPE family.

Joining NOPE in three easy steps:

  1. Read and mentally accept the policy.
  2. Send your application to, or post questions in the forum.
  3. Make it through the probie period alive. ;-)